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Cabletronix CTARM-2LTIR Digital Agile Modulator, 2-Channel with IR Capabilities

Cabletronix Digital Agile Modulator, 2-Channel with IR Capabilities

Brand: Cabletronix


Cabletronix Digital Agile Modulator, 2-Channel with IR Capabilities

The CTARM IR series of residential digital frequency agile modulators allow for the insertion of multiple video and left and right audio signals from a variety of devices including satellite receivers, VCRs, DVD players, and security cameras on user selected TV channels. These modulators create a separate TV channel for each video device, combine the new channels with cable or broadcast TV channels, and route the output to all TVs in the home via existing cable outlets.

The CTARM IR series contain the same high quality features as the CTARM-1, 1LT, 2LT, 3, and 4, but with the addition of infrared capabilities. This allows a user to view a modulated signal in a location separate from the location containing the modulator and video source while retaining the ability to change channels on the video source from the remote location.

Example: A DVD player located in the living room can be modulated on channel 105 so it can be viewed in the bedroom. The DVD remote can be used in the bedroom to control the DVD player. The remote control signal is transmitted through the same coaxial cable that carries the RF signal to the bedroom television.

The CTARM-1LTIR, CTARM-2LTIR and CTARM-4IR are respectively Single, dual, and quad input modulators. Each is housed in a low profile case with channel output selection buttons and LED channel display.

Non-volatile memory is included to remember channel assignments in event of power failure. The IR series modulators are equipped with a keyhole for wall mounting.


The CTARM LT series of modulators allow consumers to watch what they want from any home TV without having to pay for extra VCRs, DVD players, cable boxes, satellite receivers, or surveillance monitors. For those consumers having home theater systems, these modulators preserve stereo audio at the source. The modulators also allow a consumer to introduce a new video service such as home security cameras to their existing cable system without additional wiring. In this example, a consumer could now monitor the security camera from a designated channel on any TV in the house at any time.

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