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Cool Components Universal Transformer

$15.85 - $25.90
Item # CCPSx

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

These are variable voltage, universal, AC to DC power supplies with selectable DC voltage from 3 to 12 V DC. The units plug into a standard US 110/120V AC receptacle and provide manual speed control for all of our products. Speed is adjusted by varying the voltage and the normal operating range of the cooling and ventilation products is 7 to 9V for most applications or 12V for more demanding and aggressive situations. However, operating our products between 7 and 9V provides for quieter operation of the fans while at 12V most of our products will be audible. The advantage to this feature is that it provides the option to run the cooling products quietly when components are within close proximity of sitting areas or more aggressively when components are tucked away in cabinetry and closets. This is when components require more airflow and when noise is not as big of a factor.

The DC end of the power supply utilizes a 2-pin female receptacle on the end of a 4-foot cord. The receptacle plugs directly into most of our products but on the other products (mainly the metal, cooling units), a 2.1mm Coax plug is used. The power supplies come with several plugs that are color coded but due to inconsistencies in the color coding, find the plug that fits the best – the correct plug will simply fit snugly into the DC jack on the fan product. You can also check the packaging as coding should be indicated correctly on the actual package that you receive. Again, you will use the 2.1mm plug.

When using the plug, ensure to align "Tip" to "+" on the ends of the connectors/plugs. If reversed, the units will not be damaged but they simply will not work.

To determine how many units can be powered with a particular power supply, you have to calculate the milliamps of power required for each of the products you wish to power using one power supply. This information is included within each product description (bottom of specs). Calculate the milliamps and then select the appropriate power supply. Click HERE for more information of selecting the proper power supply.

Hot Power Supply: Power supplies do get warm in normal applications, however, if the unit gets too hot, you should unplug it and get a larger power supply (more milliamps) as the power supply may be overloaded.

Testing the Unit: These units, when not under load, will read between 14 and 18V DC on a voltmeter. This is a normal and expected reading no matter the voltage selected on the power supply.