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Leviton Vizia RF + Z-Wave 4-Button Zone Wall Controller

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Product Description

Join a revolution in the home automation industry with Vizia RF + wireless lighting and home control technology. Innovative and affordable, with features that are desired by professional installers and appreciated by homeowners, Vizia RF + helps reduce energy consumption. It provides dramatic scene transitions, extended zone lighting controls, industry standard 2-way status updating and true integration of household electrical devices. Use it to enhance new construction or to add value to older homes, condominiums and apartments.

The Vizia RF + Wireless Home Control System offers scalable, easy-to-install, remote control of appliances and lighting, as well as one-button scene and zone (area) lighting control to create the perfect ambiance. And, unlike previous home control systems, Vizia RF + does all of this without experiencing interference or inconsistent performance.

The Vizia RF + 4-Button Zone Controller (VRCZ4-1L) with IR Remote Capability is ideal for remote control of up to four different zones (areas) of Vizia RF + scene-capable devices.1 The Controller uses Z-Wave protocol transmissions to control other Leviton Vizia RF + Z-Wave enabled devices as well as Z-Wave compliant devices from other manufacturers. The top four buttons on the controller provide ON/OFF switching of four zones/areas. The bottom button transmits DIM/BRIGHT commands to the most recently switched-ON zone (area). An optional IR Handheld Remote Controller (VRMR1-0SG) can be used to activate the Vizia RF + 4-Button Zone Controller's ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT commands.

  • Two-way status updates
  • Provides user-level control of 128 devices
  • Each button on a RF controller can be associated with up to 32 select Z-Wave compatible devices in a system area
  • LED illuminates when the controlled scene is active or when one load is on in any zone (area)
  • High gloss finish complements a wide range of décors
  • Superior versatility provides six product options in one box: 3 changeable faceplates and single pole or 3-way
  • Fits in a single-gang 18 cubic-inch wall box compatible with Decora Plus screwless and Decora standard wallplates
  • Utilizes existing 120VAC 60Hz wiring (when neutral wire is present) for easy "no-new-wires" installation
  • Z-Wave compatible
  • Load free controllers
  • Provides remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control of four zones (areas) of Leviton Vizia RF + and other manufacturers' compatible devices
  • Key cap with IR window included to expose internal IR receiver for this device
  • Separate IR Remote (VRMR1) available to control ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT for the four programmed zones