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Makita Automatic Drapery Opener Motor, Parent

Item # MKZZCM101

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

The Makita Automatic Drapery Opener System offers two different types of motors; the ZZCM101 which is the "Parent" motor, and the ZZCM301 which is the "Kid" motor.

While the motors are identical in power and design, the "Parent" contains the circuitry that allows it to control the command reception and implementation of itself, as well as up to two "Kid" motors. In layman terms, this means that the "Kid" motor(s) will not operate unless connected to the "Parent" motor via modular wire. The "Parent" motor is the only motor that can receive commands (Open, Close, Stop signals). Once it receives these signals it can send them to the "Kid" motor(s) through the modular wire, allowing the "Kid" motor(s) to function. The "Kid" motor(s) is controlled separately and will work as if it is independent from the "Parent". This can mean a lower cost when multiple motors are used in one room since the "Kid(s)" is lower in cost than the "Parent".

All of the "Parent" motors (ZZCM101) come from the factory addressed to respond to frequency 1. As such, they can receive and send frequencies 2 and 3 to attached "Kid" motor(s). The "Kid" motor(s) receive their command protocols via low voltage 4 conductor wire with male modular plugs which connect to the female modular port located at the bottom of the motors. The "Parent" motor has three ports: "Timer", "2" and "3". When a "Kid" motor is attached to the #2 port on the "Parent" motor, it will respond to frequency 2. When attached to #3 it will respond to frequency 3.

While the "Parent" motors come set to address 1 they can be altered to addresses 2-8. "Kids" only know to follow the address of the "Parent". For example, if the "Parent" is altered to be address #3 the "Kid(s)" would respond to address #I4 and #5 respectively. As such, the maximum number of motors that can be controlled per zone is 10; ("Parent" set to #8 with the "Kid(s)" being #9 and #10). This is the key for understanding the theory of address changes for independent control of multiple units in one room or zone.

The ZZCM101 is controlled by a serial data stream sent via remote control, timer, wall switch or contact closure interface.

  • Part Number: ZZCM101
  • Size: 8(H) x 3-7/8(W) x 1-7/8(D) inches
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Amperage: 0.31 Amp.
  • Cycle: 60 Hz
  • Remote Range: 35 feet
  • Max. Drape Weight: 60 pounds
  • Power Cord Length: 10 feet
  • Power Cord Type: SPT-2 18/2 AWG
  • Voltage Surge Suppressor: Yes
  • Thermal Overload Protector: Yes
  • Approvals: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 Year