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Simply Automated SimplySmart Outdoor Relay Starter Kit

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Product Description

Simply Automated Pre-Configured SimplySmart Series Landscape-Outdoor Lighting (Relay) Starter Kit

  • Utilizes SimplySmart technology to make installation a breeze.
  • No computer programming required!
  • Simple-n-easy, ready to use lighting control.

In The Box:

  • 2 x Appliance Modules
  • 1 x Scheduler-Timer Controller

The Appliance Module, model UMA, turns 120VAC appliances and fluorescent lamps ON and OFF (and timed OFF) based on digital commands received over the power wiring from a remote UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) controller. UPB controllers and modules can be freely located anywhere in the home. No additional wiring is required and no radio frequency signals are used for communication.

The UPB Controller, Scheduler-Timer (model UCS) provides control of UPB devices or UPB scene links according to a user defined event or schedule. It is designed to communicate with a UPB network when connected to a standard power receptacle; using the L-shaped power connector or the 6 foot power cord, both included. The UCS is simple and flexible. It is often used in place of more complex whole home automation system schedulers because it is easier for the home owner to adjust. Up to 99 events can be configured once the time, location and Network ID# are set in the UCS. Location is set by entering zip code or latitude/longitude.