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weBoost Connect 3G Cellular Signal Booster Omni Kit, Medium-Size Home

Item # WI472105

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

From low bars to more instantly. Boosts 3G for entire home, office, cabin, or business up to 5,000 sq ft. Enhances talk, text, and basic 3G internet on ALL phones with ALL carriers indoors. This is the most popular weBoost home and office 3G cell phone signal booster.

For the 4G version of this home signal booster, consider the weBoost 470103 Connect 4G.

The Connect 3G amplifier wirelessly enhances cell signals for cellular devices (smartphones, tablets, Kindle, etc). With over 40 years of industry-leading telecom experience, weBoost has been solving frustrating cell phone reception problems with FCC-certified signal boosters for weak signal areas. No more dropped calls, lost connections, and slow internet.

  • Boost 3G, talk and text, and basic 3G internet on all phones with all carriers
  • For buildings: entire home, office, cottage, and business
  • Up to 5,000 sq ft coverage depending on outside signal
  • Up to 65 dB (decibel) gain!
  • Easy to install, complete DIY (do-it-yourself) kit
  • Extends battery life of your cell phone
  • weBoost's most affordable 3G home cell phone signal booster

Which Carriers Does it Work for?

The weBoost 472105 Connect 3G Omni amplifies talk and text and 3G for all major carrier networks except WiMax and iDen.

  • All US carriers (3G): AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Leap Wireless, C Spire, MetroPCS, etc.
  • All Canadian carriers (3G): Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Wind, etc.
  • Frequencies: 850 Mhz, 1900 Mhz.

How Does it Work?

It works by pulling in the existing weak signal with an omnidirectional antenna, amplifying it multiple times with weBoost's patented SmarTech III technology. The amplified signal bypasses all exterior and interior obstructions and interference directly to your entire home or office.

From the cell tower straight to your phone for clearer calls, faster internet, wider coverage, and stable connections. Say goodbye to interruptions.

In The Box:

  • Connect 3G Dual-Band Cell Phone Amplifier/Repeater (470005)
  • Inside Wall Panel Antenna (311155)
  • Outside Omni Antenna (311201)
  • Power Supply (859912)
  • 2 x 30' White Low Loss RG6 (75ohm) Coax Cables (950630)
  • Installation Manual/ Instructions (472105)
  • Part Number: 472105
  • Frequency:
    • Band 5: 850 Mhz
    • Band 2: 1900 Mhz
  • Max. Gain: 65 decibels (dB)
  • Power: 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 8 W
  • Connectors: F-Female
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.25 x 1.75 inches (16.5 x 10.7 x 4.4 cm)
  • Weight: 0.47 lbs (0.21 kg), amplifier only
  • Certifications: FCC
  • Warranty: 2 Years