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Add-A-Motor Chicken Coop Motor


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Description

Add this motor to your chicken coop door and it will automatically open and close the door on a time schedule you choose. Simply plug the motor into a lamp timer switch or an X10 controller to schedule door open/close times, protect your chickens and eggs, and save valuable time every day.

  • Kit includes motor, mounting bracket, AC-DC Adapter, lift cable and illustrated instructions.
  • Works similar to a fishing reel. Has a reversible motor with open and closed stop settings.
  • Motor stops door at positions you set. No counter-weight needed.
  • Motor can lift-lower a door up to 5 pounds, with a door opening up to 25 inches.
  • If your door swings open, convert it to vertical lift by installing it in side-channels.
  • Plug-in ready to your lamp timer switch, X-10 control, or battery.


  • You decide what time your chicken coop door opens and closes – thereafter it's automatic!
  • Sleep a little later. The D20 opens the door each morning allowing your hens to feed or free-range on their own.
  • If you arrive home late, or if the weather is so poor you can't attend your coop on-time, relax because hens enter the coop about the same time every day, and the D20 will automatically close the door at the time you set.
  • You can also set multiple door openings and closings each day. This can benefit in several ways. It can influence egg production by exposing hens to longer periods of daylight by preventing them from re-entering the coop too soon. It can foil small predators that sneak-in to steal eggs after your hens are out. And, it can help manage heat inside the coop.
  • Raccoons, foxes, dogs, cats, coyotes, etc. eventually give up and go elsewhere.

Tech Specs

  • Max. Holding Weight: 5 pounds
  • Max. Door Opening: 25 inches
  • Power Adapter: 120 volts AC, 60Hz
  • Battery (optional): 12-volt, 8Ah or greater (not included)
  • Dimensions: 4 x 3 x 2.5 inches

Recommended Hardware

  • Doors: Add-A-Motor recommends that you make your coop door from Plexiglas, aluminum, marine plywood, or two-side tempered Masonite. These materials offer trouble-free operation.
  • Controllers: Add-A-Motor recommends AC lamp timer switches, X-10 control, or battery with 12-volt timer. Dusk-to-dawn controllers are not recommended, because on overcast or stormy days, especially in winter, they can prematurely close the door and leave your hens locked-out overnight.

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