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Bellman & Symfon Maxi Personal Amplifier with Stereo Earphone


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Product Description

Earphone included.

Swedish Bellman & Symfon Maxi Digital Personal Amplifier is a revolutionary communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to bring out speech and music in difficult listening situations. Maxi is developed especially for people who prefer an easy-to-use device with large tactile controls and clear indications. Maxi is intuitively user-friendly and has superior sound quality. Use it for watching and listening to the television, listening to music (stereo, MP3) or small group conversations.

Outstanding sound

Maxi delivers the clear and crisp digital sound that you deserve. It fully exploits the advantages of digital technology to clarify speech and reduce annoying background noise and feedback – all to give you an outstanding sound quality. Thanks to a unique microphone suspension, Maxi's ultra-sensitive microphone is effectively protected from handling noise. This guarantees hours of comfortable and noise-free listening.

Easy to handle

Bellman Audio Maxi has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. All common functions can be accessed using a single push on a button and there are no complicated menus to get lost in. Unparalleled ergonomics combined with high contrast coloring, large tactile buttons and soft grip materials, makes Maxi the ideal companion for hearing impaired individuals who demand flexibility, quality and ease of use.


Bellman Audio Maxi can be used in a variety of applications with optional add-on accessories. The Maxi Neckloop (sold separately) connects your hands free wireless device or MP3 player with the Maxi for use with your t-coil hearing aid. For TV listening, simply attach the Maxi External TV Microphone accessory (sold separately) to your TV's speaker. With the Maxi Cable Kit accessory (sold separately), you can enjoy high quality stereo sound.

Available for sale only in the U.S.

Tech Specs


  • Digital signal processing
  • Built-in omnidirectional electret condenser microphone with digital noise reduction for clear, crisp sound
  • 10 channel dynamic range compressor
  • 10 channel dynamic noise suppression
  • Adaptive feedback manager
  • High contrast LED display for clear volume and tone indication
  • Unique soft grip casing for extremely low handling noise
  • Up to 150 hours battery life for trouble free operation
  • Auxiliary stereo signal 2.5 mm jack
  • Headphones stereo 3.5 mm jack
  • High capacity line output for ear/headphones and neckloop (sold separately)
  • Lockable telecoil mode for listening with loop cushion or domestic loop
  • Push-to-listen function for mixing line input with microphone input
  • Large ergonomic push-buttons with clear indication for easy handling
  • Uses two AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • 9 step volume control (5 dB/step)
  • Tone control with 5 pre-set steps, push buttons
  • Dimensions: 140 x 45 x 27 mm (L x W x T)
  • Weight: 133 g (including batteries)
  • Battery type: Two AA alkaline cells
  • Battery life: Up to 150 hours
  • Ext. mic./Aux in connector: 2.5 mm stereo telejack
  • Earphones/headphones conn.: 3.5 mm stereo telejack
  • Volume control: 9 steps (5 dB/step)
  • Tone control: 5 pre-set steps, push-buttons
  • Power switch: on-off toggle button
  • Mic and T-mode: Separate mode select buttons
  • Ext. mic/Aux in accessories: Automatically selects Aux in or ext. mic. when plugged in
  • R/L-channel balance setting: 0 to 20 dB programmable attenuation (in steps of 5 dB)
  • Maximum volume setting: 0 to 21 dB programmable attenuation (in steps of 3 dB)
  • Dynamic compressor:
    • 10 channels
    • Dynamic gain range: 0 to 35 dB
    • Compression: 3:1 Expansion: 1:1.5
    • Attack time: 25 ms
    • Release time: 250 ms
  • Dynamic noise reduction: 10 channels Adaptive frequency domain noise reduction
  • Feedback cancellation: Adaptive time domain feedback cancellation
  • Digital signal processing: 19.948 kHz sampling frequency, 16-bit resolution in stereo
  • Regulatory Requirements: CE, RoHS and WEEE

Acoustic Specifications

  • Full-on gain with BE9122: 51.07 dB at 1.6 kHz (60 dB input signal)
  • Ref. test gain with BE9122: 29.21 dB (SPL70)
  • Full-on gain with BE9125: 56.57 dB at 1.6 kHz (60 dB input signal)
  • Ref. test gain with BE9125: 38.9 dB (SPL70)

Electrical Specifications

  • Output power: 125 mW/channel (at 16 Ohm load)
  • Impedance, headphones: 8 to 72 Ohm
  • Distortion: 0.557 percent THD (electrical), 82 dB
  • SNR: 40 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Frequency range:
    • Tone, high: +10dB at 3.15 kHz, 6dB at 250Hz
    • Tone, mid: flat
    • Tone, low: -10dB at 3.15 kHz
    • No bass boost
  • Aux in sensitivity (max input lvl.): +6 dBV

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating temperature: 32 to 95° F (0 to 35° C)
  • Relative humidity: 5 to 95 percent (non condensing)

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