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Elk Wireless Ready M1 Gold Kit with Enclosure & M1KP2 Keypad


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Product Description

This "Ready to Install" value package includes:

M1GCB M1 Gold Control Board

M1 Gold is commonly referred to as a Cross Platform control due to the fact that it can be networked with other industry standard systems. A 500+ word vocabulary pleasantly announces system status, configurable in any sequence, to alleviate user intimidation. The built-in voice dialer can call up to 8 phone numbers and alert owners of status changes; such as, critical temperature levels, water leaks, children arriving home from school, etc. Built-in telephone remote control allows you to control temperature settings, water heater, garage door, lighting, and sprinklers plus arming/disarming system and more; by simply picking up the phone – any phone.

Optional Ethernet port allows for programming, monitoring, and control over LAN or Internet without the need for a dedicated "24/7" server. Integrators and Installers will value the flash memory firmware, RS-232 serial port, Ethernet connectivity option, and PC programming in English text.The LCD keypads have programmable task keys, a navigation key to access system status and automation tasks, plus large character display.

M1XRFTW Two-Way Wireless Transceiver

The M1XRFTW two-way wireless transceiver allows an ELK-M1 or ELK-M1EZ8 control to accept Elk's complete line of two-way wireless sensors.

  • Allows up to 144 individual wireless zones (sensors/points)
  • Operates from the 4 wire RS-485 Data Bus
  • Multiple receivers may be connected to a single M1 or M1EZ8 control for redundancy and greater coverage
  • Flash memory for firmware updates

6010 Two-Way Wireless 4 Button Keyfob

This wireless keychain remote (FOB) provides 4 push buttons, LED feedback indicator and features Elk's industry leading two-way technology. From the remote it is possible to arm, disarm, check status, and trigger a panic alarm.

  • Compatible with ELK-M1XRFTW two-way wireless transceiver
  • Status inquiry button and LED indicator provide arm, disarm, and alarm memory status

M1KP2 LCD Keypad

The ELK-M1KP2 is a low profile, addressable LCD Keypad for the M1 family of Cross Platform Controls. It features a 32 character blue/white backlit display, blue lighted keys, 4 programmable function keys, along with the Elk menu navigation keys. It may also be recess 'flush' mounted using with a separately purchased back box kit (ELK-M1BBK2). The M1KP2 is compatible with "external" 26 bit Wiegand compatible proximity readers, allowing cards or fobs to be used for arming, disarming, or limited door strike control, etc.

SWB14 Enclosure

The ELK-SWB14 is a smaller 14.25" square version of the popular ELK-SWB28. It is ideal for smaller jobs such as small homes, apartments, condos, etc. It is extremely versatile for housing a security control and associated peripherals, or for use with telephone, CATV, and network, structured wiring components. Mix and match components from various manufacturers with our flexible hole pattern and mounting accessories. Key Features: combination knockouts for size 1/2", 3/4", and 1-1/4" conduit, knockout for standard AC power J box, and heavy duty, tab hinged, lockable cover with camlock.

1280 8Ah Battery

Elk Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are excellent for the following applications with regard to size, Amp hour rating, and proper terminal connections: battery backup (for Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Security Alarm Systems), emergency lights, lighted exit signs, and uninterruptible power supplies.

TRG1640 AC Transformer

  • Auto-Resetting (PTC) Fused Secondary
  • Green Power On LED
  • Grounding Prong and Terminal
  • Electrical outlet mounting tab
  • UL Listed
  • Wire Strain Relief
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

73 Echo Paintable Interior Speaker

The ELK-73 is a 20 Watt, 8 Ohm Speaker mounted in an attractive surface mount plastic enclosure. This versatile Echo Series speaker is designed to be heard but not seen! Sound "echoes" off mounting surface from back plate edge.

This unique contemporary speaker has a smooth, paintable, "no grill" surface that easily blends with any decor. This speaker mounts to any flat surface or single gang electrical "J" box.

  • Pre-Wired for easy Installation
  • May be Painted or Wallpapered
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

952 In-line Telephone Surge Protector

The ELK-952 provides exceptional protection against damage from lightning, voltage spikes, and surge damage coming into a phone line. It installs between the RJ31X Phone Jack and the Security Control. The ELK-952 features multi-stage protection and is 5 times faster than MOVs.

RJSET Telco Jack and Cord

The ELK-RJSET is for use with Alarm System Communicators, Line Fault devices, or other equipment as a means of connecting to the incoming telephone line. Includes USOC RJ31X 8 pin modular surface mount jack and 2 ft. 8 wire modular cord with plug on one end and spade terminals on the other.

  • USOC RJ31X 8 pin modular surface mount jack.
  • Built-in pass through shorting bars when plug is removed.
  • Connector pins are plated with 50 microns of gold.
  • Includes self adhesive foam mounting pad.
  • 24 inch, 8 wire modular cord with plug on one end and spade terminals on the other.
  • FCC approved – UL listed as a Communication Circuit Accessory.
  • Packaged in a clear poly bag.

Tech Specs

M1 Gold Control Board (M1GCB)

  • Power Supply: Heavy Duty – 2.5 Amp power supply w/ 1 Amp continuous
  • Large Zone Capacity: 16 on-board zones expandable to 208
  • Wireless Capability: Up to 144 zones
  • User Codes: 199 (4 or 6 digit) with assignable authority levels
  • Arm Levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation
  • Digital Communicator Formats: SIA, Contact ID, 4+2 and Pager

Two-Way Wireless Transceiver (M1XRFTW)

  • Operating Frequency: 902 to 928 Mhz
  • Sensitivity: > 105 dbm
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 120° F
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC
  • Current Draw: 25mA receiving, 85mA transmitting
  • Housing Dimensions: 6.75 x 4.69 x 1.13 inches

Two-Way Wireless 4 Button Keyfob (6010)

  • Operating Frequency: 902 to 928 Mhz, frequency hopping
  • Battery: Permanent, non replaceable battery
  • Battery Life: 5 years
  • Size: 1.37(W) x 2.44(L) x 0.52(D) inches

LCD Keypad (M1KP2)

  • Connection: 6 Pin Plug-in "Flying Lead" Connector (Included)
  • Color: White
  • Operating Voltage: 13.8 VDC
  • Current Draw:
    • Idle: ~30 mA (low back light level, sounder silent)
    • Fully Active: ~85mA (max. back light and sounder active)
  • Size: 4.658(W) x 5.5(H) x 0.95(D) inches (0.375-inch depth with recess mount)

Enclosure (SWB14)

  • Overall Box: 14.25(W) x 14.25(H) x 3.5(D) inches
  • Metal Gauge: 18 gauge

8Ah Battery (1280)

  • Nominal Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Rated Capacity: 8 AH (20 hour rate)
  • Size: 3.74(H) x 2.56(W) x 5.94(L) inches (95 x 65 x 151 mm)
  • Total Height: 3.98 inches (101 mm)
  • Terminals: F1-Faston Tab No. 187

AC Transformer (TRG1640)

  • Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz, 0.43W
  • Output Voltage: 16.5 VAC
  • Output Power: 45 VA
  • Size: 4.14(H) x 2.74(W) x 2.2(D) inches (105 x 70 x 56 mm)
  • Color: White

Echo Paintable Interior Speaker (73)

  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Rating: 20 Watts Nominal
  • Frequency Response: 500 to 7000 Hz
  • Size: 4.56(H) x 4.3(W) x 1.875(D) inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited

In-line Telephone Surge Protector (952)

  • Response Time:< 1 nanosecond
  • Max. Signal Voltage: 250V (peak)
  • Breakdown Voltage: 280V (nominal)
  • Max 'Peak' Pulse Current: 100 Amps
  • Warranty: One Year Limited

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