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Aeotec Z-Wave Plus v2 Z-Stick 7, Gen7


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Product Description

Aeotec Z-Stick 7 is a Z-Wave Plus v2 USB gateway controller capable of adding remote Z-Wave network creation capabilities to a host microprocessor or computer. The device is meant primarily to allow a host processor to control up to 232 Z-Wave devices using the Z-Wave technology protocol.

By being able to remotely include/remove Z-Wave devices, this greatly simplifies Z-Wave network installation. When connected to a host controller (via USB), it enables the host controller to take part in the Z-Wave Network.

The Z-Stick 7 receives cloud updates when plugged into an Internet connected host. This allows the Z-Stick to always have the latest Z-Wave protocol, capabilities and commands.

By taking advantage of the Z-Wave mesh network, commands can be routed to their destination via intermediary "listening" Z-Wave products. Products that are Z-Wave certified can be used and communicate with other Z-Wave certified devices.

In The Box:

  • Z-Stick 7

Tech Specs

  • Part Number: ZWA010
  • UPC: 810667025250
  • Z-Wave Chip: ZGM130, 700 series
  • Frequency: 908.42MHz
  • Security: S2 native
  • QR Code Inclusion: SmartStart native
  • Known compatibilities:
    • Tested to be compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 and up
    • Tested to be compatible with Windows 10 OS
    • Tested to be compatible with Linux OS
    • Tested to be compatible with OSX OS
  • CPU speed: 39 MHz
  • SRAM Memory: 32 kB
  • Flash Memory: 256 kB
  • Power Supply: USB DC 4.75V to 5.25V
  • Standby current: 18 - 20 mA
  • Max current: 40mA
  • Recommended host current: 50mA
  • Operating Temperature: 40 to 104 degrees F (0 to 50 degrees C)
  • Storage Temperature: -4 to 158 degrees F (-20 to 70 degrees C)
  • Operating Distance: Up to 492 feet (150 meters) outdoors in normal mode or 230 feet (70 meters) indoors
  • Dimensions: 37 x 17 x 8.5 mm 1.46 x 1.1 x 0.33 Inch
  • Certifications: Z-Wave Plus, FCC, CE, RoHS
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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