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Napco Gemini LCD Keypad with Built-In RF Receiver


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Napco's GEMK4RF keypad/wireless 32 pt. Gemini RF receiver saves you time and money on installations.

  • Large backlit, fixed English display
  • Built-in 32 Point Gemini wireless receiver for labor-saving convenience
  • Proven crystal-control wireless performance
  • Supports all Gemini transmitters
  • New stay and away ease-of-use buttons, for easy one button arm
  • EZ-Programming mode
  • New intuitive, stay and away ease-of-use buttons, for easy one button arm and easy "instant" (hold-down)
  • Large soft touch backlit keys with tone
  • Backlit displays for easy reading
  • Wireless transmitter signal strength indication
  • Decor friendly soft white design
  • Fire, police and auxiliary programmable panic keys
  • Fingertip reference chart
  • (Matching keypad without receiver GEMK4)

The GEM-K4RF is a multi-segment LCD digital keypad that is compatible with the Napco GEM-Series GEM-P816, P1632, P3200 and P9600 control panels. While the GEM-K4RF may be used to fully program the control panel, the GEM-K1CA keypad provides the optimum in ease of keypad programming. NOTE: Do not mix classic RP series keypads with "K Series" keypads within one system.

The wireless system comprises a compatible GEM-Series control panel, at least one GEM-RECV receiver and one or more companion GEM-Series transmitters. Built inside the GEM-K4RF keypad is a receiver to save space and simplify installation. The transmitters may be wireless smoke detectors, space-protection devices, window/door sensors, or other devices that report zone status and supervision information to the receiver without the use of wires.

The integral receiver inside the keypad will accommodate up to 32* wireless points. The receiver is connected to the control panel's 4-wire bus through the same 4 wires as the keypad. The receiver monitors each transmitter, updating transmitter status as reports are received, and conveys this information to the control panel. Also monitored is the elapsed time since the last report from each transmitter. If no report is received within a programmed time, a Supervisory Failure will result.

The GEM-receivers listed above are compatible with the following control panels:

  • GEM-P816
  • GEM-P1632
  • GEM-P3200
  • GEM-P9600

All current panels listed above will accommodate up to 16 points with the GEM-K4RF keypad; however for the GEM-P816/P1632 (v.10) panels, and for the GEM-P3200/P9600 (v.30) panels, up to 32 points will be accommodated.

NOTE: If the number of allowed points are exceeded, an E-39-00 (receiver capacity) system trouble will occur ("00" = the number of the receiver).

  • Compatible Control Panels: NAPCO GEM-Series GEM-P816, P1632, P3200 and P9600
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC (supplied by panel)
  • Current Drain: 75 mA Standby
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 49 degrees C
  • Storage Temperature: 20 to 85 degrees C
  • Power Requirements: 12VDC, 75mA (supplied by panel)
  • Antenna: 1/4-wave (external wire), and internal antennas
  • Dimensions: 5-7/8(W) x 4-3/8(H) x 1(D) inches