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Caregiver Smart Solutions

Caregiver Smart Solutions imagines a future in which families with seniors living at home feel supported, understood, and empowered to live without worry. Their solution is to equip relatives and caregivers with essential smart devices to effectively monitor and care for their senior loved ones who prefer independent living at home. The CORE Monitoring Kit comprises smart home devices, enabling discrete placement of a wide range of wireless sensors, including motion and door/drawer sensors, throughout seniors' residences. Through the Caregiver Smart Solution App, accessible on Android or iOS devices, caregivers can easily monitor their loved ones' activities. This alleviates concerns about staying informed about their well-being on a daily basis.

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Caregiver Smart Solutions CORE Monitoring Kit


Caregiver Smart Solutions Basement Kit


Caregiver Smart Solutions Garage Kit


Caregiver Smart Solutions Stair Kit


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Select up to 4 items to compare.