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  • Simply45 ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug with Cap45 and Bar45 for Cat6/6a STP (50 Pack)

Simply45 ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug with Cap45 and Bar45 for Cat6/6a STP (50 Pack)

SKU: GSS451750P

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Product Description

The Simply45 S45-1750P ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug with Cap45 and Bar45 for Cat6/6a STP (50 Pack) incorporate the following features:

Bar45® Load Bar: The exclusive Simply45® Bar45® are load bars designed to match specific Simply45® RJ45 modular plugs to improve termination performance and SIMPLIFY the termination process. The innovative S45-1750P Bar45® is the easiest to use load bars ever made for larger shielded LAN cables such as Cat6 STP and Cat6a F/UTP with PE insulated wires.

Cap45®: The Cap45 is an isolation cap/bar that snaps onto the front of the pass-through RJ45 plug after termination, covering the exposed wire ends. Cap45® is fast and easy to use. Fits all compliant RJ45 sockets. With Cap45®, any electrical risks associated with pass-through RJ45 modular plug exposed wire ends are now eliminated completely.

3 Prong Pin Design with 50µ of True 24ct Gold Plating: All Simply45® pass-through RJ45 modular plugs uses only 50µ 24ct gold plated 3-Prong pin design instead of a 2-Prong design as found on most other pass-through RJ45 modular plugs. A 3-Prong pin provides 3 points of contact with the copper wire conductor instead of 2. This improves electrical performance and signal integrity. A 3-prong pin also holds stronger onto the wire conductors.

Improved Crosstalk Performance: The S45-1750P incorporates an exclusive and unique combination of features that work together to improve the Crosstalk performance of the shielded pass-through RJ45 modular plug. No other shielded pass-through RJ45 performs as well as the S45-1750P. These innovative features include a revolutionary plug design, the Bar45® load bar, and Cap45®. The S45-1750P ProSeries plug is a MUST HAVE for terminating shielded Cat6/6a LAN cables.

Commercial Rated: These RJ45 mod plugs are UL94 V0 (IEC 60695-11-10) rated for all commercial installations. These RJ45 mod plugs are recommended for CMP Plenum, CMR, CM; and LSZH up to B2ca rated LAN cables.

Color Tinted RJ45 Modular Plugs: The S45-1750P comes with a Red tint for easy pass-through RJ45 modular plug identification. No more trouble identifying which plug is which. All Simply45® RJ45 modular plugs are color-coded for easy identification.

Wide Mouth Jar for Easy Hand Access: No need to spill RJ45 mod plugs out of the jar just to reach them. Most hands can easily reach the last plugin in the jar.

Color-Coded Jar Caps: The S45-1750P jar cap is White. This makes it very easy to find the items in your bag or kit. Saves time identifying the RJ45 modular plugs that you need to use.

UL Listed: The S45-1750P pass-through RJ45 modular plugs are UL Listed and bear the UL Logo on the Simply45® packaging. Only Simply45® provides the UL Listed logo for quality and safety on pass-through RJ45 modular plugs. UL is the strictest 3rd party verification service in the world and products bearing the UL mark represent the highest quality and safety standards.

PoE/PoH Rated: The S45-1750P ProSeries is the BEST shielded Pass-Through RJ45 modular plug for Cat6/6a shielded LAN cables. The S45-1750P is recommended whenever PoE or PoH may be used over shielded Cat6/6a LAN cables. In addition to the correct 3-Prong Pin design; true 24ct gold plated pins; highest quality RJ45 materials used in our pass-through RJ45 plugs; the S45-1750P incorporates a revolutionary plug design, the Bar45® load bar, and Cap45® working together to ensure the lowest resistance and lowest heat build-up of any other shielded pass-through RJ45 for large diameter shielded LAN cables.

Lifetime Warranty: We are so certain that you will be pleased with the performance of our S45-1750P that we now offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

In The Box:

  • Simply45 ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug with Cap45 and Bar45

Tech Specs

  • Part Number: S45-1750P
  • UPC: 817777018837
  • Performance: Meets or Exceeds ANSI/TIA 568-D.2; ISO/IEC 11801 Class D; ANSI/TIA 1096-A; IEC 60603-7
  • Wire Cond(s) OD: 23AWG: 1.10mm – 1.20mm (0.043" – 0.047")
  • Max LAN Cable OD: 8mm (0.315")
  • Supports PoE/PoH: Yes
  • Cable Fire Resistance Ratings: Commercial Rated, CMP, CMR, CM, CMX, LSZH up to B2ca EuroClass
  • Flame Auto Extinguish: UL94 V0, IEC 60695-11-10
  • Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze – .012" thick
  • Contact Plating: Min 50 Micro-Inch Pure Gold – 24 Carat Hard Gold Plate in contact area over 100 Micro-Inch Min Nickel Plating. Exceeds ANSI/TIA-1096-A specifications (formerly FCC Part 68)
  • Plug Material: Polycarbonate
  • Shielded Material: Hard Brass
  • Shielded Plating: 80 Micro-Inch minimum Nickel Plating
  • Plug Tolerances and Dimensions: Meets ANSI/TIA-1096-A specifications (formerly FCC Part 68)
  • Conductor Type(s): Solid and Stranded
  • Operating Temperature: -40° C to +70° C
  • Insertion/Extraction Life: 2000 Minimum Cycles
  • Contact Resistance: 20 Milli-Ohms maximum
  • Current/Voltage: 30 VAC/42 VDC at 1.5 Amps
  • Compliance: UL Listed, RoHS, FCC, NEC
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited

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