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PCS Lighting LDS-120V


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Product Description

The PCS LED Dimming Stabilizer removes power issues in multiple connected LED fixtures, including flickering and dimming/brightening errors, in order to ensure LED bulbs dim and turn off properly.

The Dimming Stabilizer requires no initial programming and can be installed in any dimmable lighting fixture. The Stabilizer is compatible with applications up to 120VAC and generates little heat.


  • Eliminates LED fixtures flickering or staying lit at certain light levels
  • Low heat generation; installs behind the dimmer switch or at load/fixture location

NOTE: Install the LED Dimming Stabilizer in PARALLEL between the switch load wire (RED) and neutral wire (WHITE).

Tech Specs

  • Part Number: LCP-U
  • Ratings: 120VAC, 1.8W
  • Max Loads:
    • 400W if (1) LDS installed in single-gang box
    • 300W if (2) LDS installed in single-gang box
    • 400W if (2) LDS installed in double-gang box

Product Docs